Cuba Birdwatching Trips 2020

[All trips grandfathered-in/legal despite June, 4, 2019 U.S. Treasury notifications]

Soroa, Viñales, Girón (Bay of Pigs; Zapata Biosphere) &  Havana

Last winter we documented 118 species.

So next winter, we offer:

#1: Jan. 17-26  #2: Feb. 7-16    #3 Feb 26-Mar. 6
$2,900 all-inclusive

Details: Airfare (Roanoke-Atlanta -Havana on Delta), all meals, lodging, guides, transportation (air-conditioned Mercedes-Benz 15-passenger van), in-group cultural docent, expert local Cuban guides. Price adjustments for Atlanta-only connections.

ItineraryTwo nights each in the mountainous settings of Soroa Botanical Gardens and Viñales (UNESCO Site). 3 nights on the Caribbean coastal village of Girón in the Zapata Biosphere. We seal the trip with exciting Havana (UNESCO Site). Our 2019 group documented 118 unique bird species and two-thirds of Cuba’s native birds. Spectacular pink flamingo nesting sites in Salinas (Matanzas Prov.) and the amazing bee hummingbird (Mellisuga helenae), the smallest bird in the world (<2 grams) and endemic to Cuba.

Why Cuba? Why birding? January and February are the best months to catch the Atlantic-coast flyway in action, as birds wintering in the Caribbean and South America make their way north. We'll see most of the birds native to Cuba as well as scores of other species that are returning from South America, and making their way up through the island chain (Lesser & Greater Antilles).

Not a big birder? Not to worry. We have plenty of 'down time' for cultural activities (Bay of Pigs museum, tobacco farming operation in Viñales, guide through the classic Soroa Gardens in Pinar del Río Province, horse-back riding in Viñales and Girón, and boat trip through caverns in the limestone/Karstic wonders of Viñales; swimming in cenotes/sumideros/ sinkholes in Girón; examining food security and production, and a close up on budding entrepreneurs across the island).

Support private businesses in keeping with the Obama-era policies. We keep our resources in private businesses and remain compliant with the Trump administration's draconian measures on travel to Cuba. 

Bonus: Optional morning vinyasa and/or restorative yoga and meditation each morning included. These 2020 trips will mark Dr. Scarpaci's 91st-93rd trip to Cuba

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